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Distribution Lines

Entergy's Arc & Spark Safety Demonstration

At the fall 2006 Mississippi Fire Investigator's Association Seminar, Entergy of Mississippi presented their Distribution Line Safety Arc & Spark Safety show. Distribution line accidents are often fatal. I didn't have my expensive digital camera with an external flash. It was not easy to anticipate when the arc was going to occur, and I missed a lot of great photographs waiting on the flash of my point-and-shoot to charge because I fire too soon. Never the less, I did manage to get a few pictures.

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Electrical Equipment Used ti Simulate a 7.9 KV Distribution Line

The Equipment Used to Simulate a Distribution Line.

Distribution Line Safey Equipment: Insulated Hard Hat, Safety Glasse, 
                  Insulated Hot Stick, Rubber Gloves with Leather Protectors, Rubber Arm Sleaves, 
                  Rubber Ground Issolation Mats. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Entergy Distribution Safety Officer, Mr. Jesse Slaven,
is wearing his Personal Protective Equipment for the Demonstration.

A 7.9 KV Line igniting a Green Tree Limb

A 7.9 KV Distribution Line will ignite a Green Tree Branch.

A Downed Distribution Line in Contact with a Metal Fence

When a Downed Distribution Line comes in contact with a Metal
Fence, not a lot happens - until someone contacts the Fence!

Distribution Line Arc Tracking on a Fireman's Wooden Pike Pole

Arc Tracking on a Fireman's Wooden Pike Pole that is in contact
with a Distribution Line.

Fully Developed Arc on a Fireman's Wooden Pike Pole

A Fully Developed Arc due to a Fireman's Wooden Pike Pole
in contact with a Distribution Line.


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