Electrolux Date Codes

The breakdown for Electrolux Serial Numbers is:

1st and 2nd Alpha Character = Where Manufactured
1st Numeric Character = Last Digit of Year Manufactured
2nd and 3rd Numeric Characters = Week of Year Manufactured
4th though 8th Digit = Order of Manufacturing that Week.

For Example, LA81503430 is a refrigerator manufactured in the 15th week (April) of 1998.

Examples of Electrolux Date Codes:

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Amanda Dryer Tag
Kenmore Range Model No.: 790.90831601, SN: VF71042765,
was manufactured by Electrolux in 2007, Week 10 (F07-021).
Frigidaire Dishwasher Tag
Frigidaire Dishwasher, Model No.: MDB100RGW0,
SN: TH00257759, was manufactured in 2000, Week 2 (F06-049).
Frigidaire Dishwasher Tag
Frigidaire Cooktop, Model No.: FEC32C4AS1,
SN: 3F91400621, was manufactured in 2009, Week 14 (F14-048).

Electrolux Hidden Date Codes - Insurance Claims

For insurance claims, it is important that forensic engineers be able to determine the date that an appliance was manufactured. Fires often destroy paper or metal foil tags. Electrolux, like other major manufacturers, stamp hidden date codes into the metal of their appliances.

For Electrolux clothes dryer, there is a three digit code in the back upper right corner of the dryer. The following three tables are used to determine the manufactured date:

1st Letter
A January
B February
C March
D April
E May
F June
G July
H August
I September
J October
K November
L December
2nd Letter
H 198X
I 199X
M 200X
3rd Letter
A 1
B 2
C 3
D 4
E 5
F 6
G 7
H 8
I 9
J 0
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The  Code is AMB - January 2002
The 3-Digit Code is AMB, which corresponds to January 2002.


There is also a two digit code on the drum of the dryer, but I currently do not know how to interpret this code.

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Burned Whirlpool Dryer without a Tag depicting the Model and Serial Number.
For Clothes Dryer the Two Digit Code
is on the Back of the Drum.