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Electric Ovens

Case History F09-064

The heating element in this thirteen year old Jenn-Air double oven failed and arced to the frame the oven. The homeowner cut off the oven, but the arcing continued. He attempted to extinguish the arc with a fire extinguisher, but he was unsuccessful. The volunteer fire departed tried a larger fire extinguisher, but they too were unsuccessful. The arcing stopped when the electric meter was pulled. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the scene, the heating element was not present. However, arcing damaged to the porcelain enamel at the bottom of the oven was clearly visible.

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Jenn-Air Double Oven

The Jenn-Air Double Oven was stored in an Outbuilding.

Jeen-Air Oven Tag

Jenn-Air Double Oven, Model No.: WW27210B with SN: 12150883QY
was manufactured in November 1996. Maytag (Jenn-Air) Date Codes

Oven Element Arcing

Arcing has damaged the Porcelain Enamel Finish of the Oven.

HotPoint Ranger Tag

Close Up of Damage to the Porcelain Enamel Finish.

You Tube Videos

This is not as uncommon as I once through it was. The two You Tube videos depict the arcing as it occurs:

"When the control module on your electric range goes bad.flv

"My oven explding.flv"

The same phemomina can occur on a range surface burner or cooktop as depicted in this You Tube Video.

"Stove Element Burning Out.flv"

This You Tube video showed a hot spot on an oven heating element that will develope into a fallure.

"Oven Element Hot Spot.flv"


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